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Google Search tool for custom report – Service

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The tool is best for reporting of Google search keywords.

Check sample report HERE

Here are requirements:

1. Place a Keyword in Excel or html site (or other program).
2. Run a scraping script:
2.1. Search in (US) for that Keyword.
2.2. Identify/Copy URLs of first 10 results.
2.3. Identify/Copy Title, H1, H2 and H3 of top 10 results
2.4. Count number of words in top 10 results
2.5. Count number of times Keyword shows up in top 10 results
2.6. Divide Total number of words by Total number of times Keyword is showed in top results. Show result in %.
2.7. Identify/Copy Alt-Text and Title of images (pictures) on top 10 results
2.8. Identify/Copy Anchor text on internal links (hyperlink – points to the same domain) on top 10 results
2.9. Identify/Copy URL of external link (hyperlink – points to a different domain) on top 10 results
2.10. Identify/Copy Meta description on top 10 results
2.11. Generate CSV file or Excel with scraped results.

google search tool